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  • مکتب Maktab

    مکتب Maktab

    The greatest service of the organization was and is still today Imamia Maktabs. From Bengal to Kashmir, in 17 provinces, where there are momineen, 994 maktabs are running with 45948 students & 1722 teachers. Click here for more detail...

  • School


    The movement for setting up school-cum-maktab was started in 1984. In 34 years, we got only partial success because substantial money (millions of rupees) is required for setting up and managing a school.

  • Youth Education

    Youth Education

    Forming a virtuous society is impossible without religious education and training. The religious guides have given immense importance to youth and women in this hetre for more details...

  • جامعہ الزہرا Jameatuz Zahra

    جامعہ الزہرا Jameatuz Zahra

    Jamea-tuz-Zahra has been established on the 20th of Jamadussani 1410A .H in accordance with Tanzeem founder’s dream. The Jamea’s three-story building on 7000 Sq. feet plot exists at Zahra colony, Muftiganj, here for more details...

  • نشرواشاعت  Publication

    نشرواشاعت Publication

    From the very beginning, Tanzeemul Makatib has adopted this powerful medium. It’s publication division is rendering consistent and varied services. Hereunder is given a brief account of the services since rendered:- *Books *Magazines *Audio-Video Cassettes *Cds and *Cultural Gift Items.CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS...

  • جامعه امامیه Jamea Imamiya

    جامعه امامیه Jamea Imamiya

    On the 11th Zeeqadah 1403 A.H., the auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of Imam Raza (A.S.), Jamea Imamiya Tanzeemul Makatib was established for higher religious education of the boys. At present there are 91 students and 16 teachers in it. Click here for more details...

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* tanzeemul makatib is an organization
* it is stablished in 1968
* its founder is Maulana Syed Ghulam Askari T. S.)
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