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Health Center

Arrangement for treatment and stay at Lucknow during treatment of poor brothers in Iman particularly the teachers, those serving religious cause and their families has been made.

Since start till 31st March 2016, arrangement of treatment of 511 patients on high scale has been made. It included a large number of cancer, heart and kidney patients.

The Centre is working under supervision of specialists.

The treatment is done on the observing position of the patients (through prescription and report if already treated elsewhere). The authorities of organization take decision on whether he is deserving keeping religious rules in view.

Those serving religious cause, specially maktab teachers are given preference.

A sum of Rs. 2176761.00 has been spent on this head during 2011 to 2016.

These three above mentioned services are co-sponsored by World Federation of KSIMC.

An amount equal to that provided by the co-sponsor is spent by the organization also.


Ambulance is arranged by Zainabiya Health Centre. The   facility is available to poor without charge and to others members of the community on confessional charges.

Please contact on phone no. 0522-4080918, 9935226472 for detail

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