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Jamia Imamia


(Madarsas and Jameas for boys and girls)

The organization Tanzeemul Makatib is trying to fulfill this need with its limited resources. As the community needs engineers, doctors, politicians and educationists who are acquainted with the religion as to reutilize their capabilities for the community and the religion, there is need of such olema, writers, preachers, and khateebs who should be acquainted with the modern disciplines that they could sense and fulfill needs of the community. For example they should know and speak language of the (present) generation.

For fulfilling the purpose, the following institutes have been established:-

1.            Jamea Imamiya

2.            Jameatuz Zahra

Specialities of our Jameas

Fiqh, Principles of Fiqh, Tafseer, Hadith, Daraya, Kalam, Nahv-o-Sarf, Maani-o-bayan Arabic and Persian Literature, History and Seerat, Logic, Philosophy, Tajveed, Qir’at and Morals are important parts of our course of studies.

Direct connection with Hauzia Ilmia, Qum is established. through Jameatul Mustafa, Hind.

Besides Primary level Hindi, Arithmetic etc. higher level (CBSE & ICSE) English and computer education is also given.

Alongwith education, we emphasis on training and practice so that we may have the scholars who practice what they preach. For the purpose, Nawafil, Taaqueebat-e-Namaz and tenets of moral are strictly got observed and practiced so that Islamic thinking and Imani character may be built.

An exhaustive timetable for teaching, learning, studying, debate, discussion, sports, prayers, entertainment and leisure is being strictly observed and adhered to train the students so that their constructive and learning faculties may not be scattered and wasted.

Restriction of Jamaat in Namaz and performance of Namaz-e-Juma is compulsory.

Boys are given freedom to breath in open as much as the Islamic laws and ways of life allow it.

We do not impose unnecessary restrictions regarding clothes etc. on boys creating suffocation and inferiority complex.

Sports items are provided by the organization.

Particular attention along with education is paid to the rules of hygiene, health and sanitation.

Sports and games are given important place in our curriculum. Services of doctors are also acquired.

Exercise in speech-making, writing, compiling, oratory, translation and kitabat are got performed. Seminars and oratory meetings are also held as to train in different academic, reformative and Islamic topics.

The Education System at the Jameas

The minimum marks required for success in exams is 50% in each subject with an aggregate of 60% of marks. For second division, 70%, for first division 80% and for distinction 90% of the marks are required.

To regularize education and examination, semester system has been adopted.

During each semester, three tests are held, apart from the final exam. The boys have to obtain at least 60% to pass. These marks are added to the marks obtained in the final examination.

Newspapers, magazines and radio etc. are used for general knowledge.

Performance Reports are sent to guardians to keep them informed of the progress and moral behavior of their wards.

For the purpose of attachment with the Quran and Ahl-i-Bait, system of memorizing hadeeths is also running through which every student can memorize about 150 Hadeeths in each class.

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