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1. Urdu Magazine’ Tanzeemul Makatib’

(Published by Maulana S. Ghulam Askari Memorial Trust)

The journal publishes, besides general issues, two special numbers in Moharram and Ramadhan by the titles of ‘Kitab-e-Karbala’ and ‘Kitab-e-Ramadhan’ respectively on special Islamic and academic topics in form of poetry and prose.

Its annual subscription is Rs. 200/- and Rs.800 for for five years.

It is dispatched to 1036 maktabs and 113 libraries and religious organizations free of charge, besides 1299 subscribers. Its members from foreign countries number 263.

During 2009 to 2012, a sum of Rs. 1294978.50 has been spent on its dispatch to members and maktabs while a sum of Rs. 356816.00 has been received as its subscription amount. The loss is borne by the organization. (The deficit includes the expenses on supply of the magazine to maktabs and libraries, free of charge) So brothers in Iman are requested to pay their subscription amount regularly and punctually.

2. Hindi Magazine’ Tanzeemul Makatib’

(Published by Maulana S. Ghulam Askari Memorial Trust)

It has been launched for Urdu speaking youths who can not take benefit from religious thoughts and studies because of their ignorance of Urdu script.

Present membership is 1500.

This number was 5690 on its lunch but it had to be decreased because of non-receipt of membership fee.

The guardians of youths ignorant of Urdu are requested to spend a little on keeping next generation religious. Among it is supply of religious literature. Please get Hindi Magazine Tanzeemul Makatib issued (subscribed) by paying at least Rs. 250/- annually.

It’s annual subscription is Rs. 250/-

It can be issued for five year by contributing Rs. 1000/-i.e. 4 years subscription.

A sum of Rs. 338651.50 has been spent during 2009 to 2012 while a sum of Rs.200969.50 has been received as subscription amount.

Brothers in Iman are requested to pay their subscription regularly and punctually.

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