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From the very beginning, Tanzeemul Makatib has adopted this powerful medium. It’s publication division is rendering consistent and varied services. Hereunder is given a brief account of the services since rendered:-

*Books *Magazines *Audio-Video Cassettes *Cds and *Cultural Gift Items.


This section has now got a fresh life again after publication of books of Allama Adeel Akhtar, the Tanzeem founder, Allama Jawadi and other known translators.

Dozens of books on topics of Belief, Ahkam, History, and research, Tafseer, Seerat, Hadeeth, Morals and Islamics have been brought out. These are giving intellectual guidance to the community. Aim is that every believer (momin) posseses a mini home library having 3 level books (primary, middle and higher) on all the religious topics such as beliefs, history, seerat, tafseer, hadeeth, morals, upbringing of offsprings and Islamics etc.

Eighty five(85) books have been translated; 37 out of them have already been published and the rest are under publication.

Special assistance from Imani fraternity is solicited for the purpose. There is a way also to sponsor publication of books in Isal-e-Sawab.

Publication of various booklets, pamphlets, supplication books, questions and answer pertaining to Islamic jurisprudence is continued for propagation and reform. Their number has reached to lacs.

There is a programme for publication of books, besides those academic, in Hindi, English, Gujarati, Bengali, and other regional languages in addition to those in Urdu for which manpower is needed alongwith financial help     and co-operation. The people in Iman (momineen) who can translate from Urdu into any of the languages are requested not to deprive the community of their services and to inform us.

Publication of text books in Urdu, Hindi, English Gujarati and Bengali is continued. Their number now entered to stage of crore crossing lacs.

The quality of books published by the organization is not inferior to those by any publishing house. The books are published with attractive gut up by using better quality paper. The prices are fixed at the lowest so that the books reach to maximum number of people.

A collection of questions & Answers, Majalis-e-Khateeb-e-Azam, Maqalat Khateeb-e-Azam and Guldasta-e-Khitabat have been published in Gujarati also.

                A total of Rs. 5304713.10.95 has been spent on printing of text and non-text books from 2009 to 2012.

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